MEng Alumnus wins IOM3 Royal Charter Prize Highly Commended


An image of Dylan Hall

Dylan Hall graduated in 2020 in MEng Materials Science and Engineering.

The Royal Charter Prize is presented to the best Materials graduate on an accredited course, regardless of discipline. 

This year, the IOM3 awarded a new Royal Charter Prize Highly Commended to Dylan because the running was incredibly close between the candidates for the Royal Charter Prize. 

Nomination from the Department

I have had a brilliant four years at Imperial College and winning this award was a very nice way to round it off Dylan Hall

Every year, each university nominates one Materials Graduate for the award and Dylan was nominated this year by our department.

The nominees are chosen based on a combination of grades, responsibilities, project work and plans for the future. 

After being nominated, he was invited to interview, in which several IOM3 affiliates, working in either industry or academia, asked him a series of technical and contextual questions about materials science.

Dylan said "I feel honoured to have won the Royal Charter Highly Commended award and I am very grateful to both IOM3 and the Department of Materials".


Kayleigh Brewer

Kayleigh Brewer
Department of Materials