Imperial Physics students launch skincare tracking app


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Two Imperial College London students have created an app to track, share and compare skincare routines.

The founders, undergraduate physics students Ahana Banerjee and Ben Richards, say that their platform, Clear, is the first of its kind and can help users track and share their skincare experiences in a similar way to exercise tracking platforms like Strava. 

Their all-in-one skincare routine tracker allows users to record their skincare routines and follow people with similar skincare issues – such as acne. The founders hope that the app will help users work out what skincare products might work for them and bring transparency to a heavily marketed industry. 

The team say they struggled to find genuine reviews of skincare products and authentic experiences of different skincare regimen, so wanted to create a platform that would help make skincare less daunting and confusing.  

Clear was recently accepted to prestigious US startup accelerator Y Combinator, based in Silicon Valley. 

Building a “skincare diary” 

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On an individual level, users can build a “skincare diary” by recording morning and evening skincare routines and track their skincare journey chronologically with progress pictures. 

Users can also add to their routine from the app’s database of over 13,000 curated products. By inputting products they’re using and taking progress pictures, users can see what products are working, and which aren’t. 

The app also works as a social media platform, where users can find and follow others with similar skincare issues, share reviews of products, and see which products someone is using and whether they help. 

Empowering consumers 

Co-founder Ahana said: “As an acne sufferer, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to know which skincare products to use and whether they’re working. 98% of Gen Z, myself included, learn about skincare through social media.

"While there are pockets of information online, there is no go-to platform for all-things skincare. With Clear, we empower consumers to make informed decisions about the skincare products they’re using.” 

Ahana and Ben are among the hundreds of student entrepreneurs at Imperial. The College’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is supported by a range of programmes and facilities that promote collaboration with industry, support student and academic entrepreneurship, and help turn research into benefits for society. The College’s Enterprise Lab is the hub for student entrepreneurship, inspiring the next generation of innovators. 


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