Correcting misinformation - fake 'memorandum'

Fake news and facts

A fake 'leaked memorandum' purportedly from Professor Neil Ferguson is circulating on social media and encrypted messaging services.

The false document claims to be a 'memo' from Neil Ferguson to Frank Atherton, Michael McBride, Susan Michie, Gregor Smith, Richard Taylor, Patrick Vallance, Jonathan Van Tam and Chris Whitty. 

Although most readers recognise that this 'memo' is an obvious fake, some have sought to share it widely and some have threatened and abused Imperial staff. 

This fake memo entitled 'Next Steps - Permanent Lockdown of the UK (Private & Confidential)' was not written by Neil Ferguson. This totally untrue piece of disinformation was constructed and spread by extremists and has no association with Imperial College London, the UK government, or its scientific advisors. 

We will take action against anyone who threatens or abuses our staff, as well as those who spread false and defamatory claims. 

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