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Dear Change Maker, Leadership and Change


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An Imperial Alumna discusses real-world learning impacts for participants in the 'Dear Change Maker' Project.

In the Change Makers' latest blog postEmma Skitt, an expert in the business sector, reflects on Dear Change Maker and how it could play an important role early in the career of high-potential students.

"I loved that this project focused on individuals’ experiences as they learned (learning = change, always) and gave them a way to make sense of this through both visual and tactile (slower-than-normal-world) connection. It takes people out of their familiar processing mode so they experience a change whilst reflecting on change. Very cool. Also loved the connection to another human being – so the creator was seen more “fully” and the relationships developed through the process." - Emma Skitt

Read the full article: Reflections on our ‘Dear Change Maker’ project

Dear Change Maker was a 2019-20 student-led project set up by Dr Mark Pope which paired students taking different Change Maker modules, exchanging weekly postcards about their learning experience. 

"As with any postcard, the students used the two sides to communicate, with text on one side and a picture on the other.  However, unlike regular postcards, the students created the picture side of the postcard themselves. It resulted in a unique set of correspondence that articulated and depicted four students’ educational experiences during this challenging academic year." - Dr Mark Pope

Read about the project: Dear Change Maker


Ms Cleo Bowen

Ms Cleo Bowen
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication