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Life cycle thinking showcased at the COP26


Dr Izhar at his exhibition at COP26

At COP26, Dr Izhar Shah showcased how much the essential materials in the construction industry emit CO2.

Izhar led a science exhibition at the public gallery inside the COP26 Green Zone at UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. The exhibit showcased miniature models of several popular materials used in the construction industry such as steel, aluminium, mortar, concrete, timber, laminated timber, glass, and polyvinyl chloride – all shaped and cut to represent 100 grams of CO2-equivalent emissions based on cradle-to-gate life cycle assessments. The 2-hour exhibit was visited by more than a hundred visitors including government delegates, climate activists, and media personnel. By highlighting the life cycle emissions of different construction materials, future decarbonisation efforts were presented through reduced carbon footprint of buildings and infrastructure. The delegates were also informed on how material recycling reduces carbon footprint of buildings and offers higher material saving from a life cycle perspective.

This exhibition proposal was selected from a total of 120 entries and managed by the COP26 UK Universities Network. This work was also supported by Rupert Myers, Sam Burdett, and Mohit Arora from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Izhar H. Shah, Ph.D.

Izhar H. Shah, Ph.D.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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