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Dr Folake Orafidiya

Tate group researcher Dr Folake Orafidiya has delivered presentations to primary school and undergraduate students on careers in research

Dr Orafidiya met with over 200 Faculty of Pharmacy students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria to discuss her research and career. Students and staff in attendance were given an overview of how cancer develops, current management of prostate cancer and shortfalls, and a synopsis of Dr Orafidiya's research in the discovery of novel targets and identification of biomarkers. Students were also informed on possible career paths following a degree in Pharmacy.

Bishop Gilpin school, Wimbledon, held a STEM futures event, at which Dr Orafidiya presented remotely. The pupils were enlightened on Dr Orafidiya's role as a drug discovery/development scientist, and the importance of the research in helping patients suffering from cancer. Dr Orafidiya also described the various instruments used to carry out research as well as what it takes to be a scientist.


Edward Bartlett

Edward Bartlett
Department of Chemistry