Decarbonisation programme for South Kensington Campus


Pipework in the combined heat and power plant

Pipework in the combined heat and power plant

A bold grant funded project is underway

A bold project removing a significant amount of legacy steam generating infrastructure from South Kensington Campus and upgrading one of the largest Low Temperature Heating System networks in London is being led by Estates.

New infrastructure will allow for the next generation of carbon reducing heating plant to be installed which is able to utilise a significant source of currently wasted heat. This project will reduce the College’s CO2 emissions by circa 2,400 tonnes a year and save more than £1.3m annually after implementation.  It is key to assisting the College to achieving net zero carbon by 2040.

The project has been made possible thanks to £12.341m grant funding from the Government's Public Sector Decarbonisation Programme, match-funded by College. Estates Energy Manager Andrew Caldwell bid for the funding, which was awarded in March.

Three heat networks will be consolidated into one and College will no longer have 180oC steam in circulation around the campus and plant rooms.

The works, to be completed by November 2023, can be broken down into the following packages:

  • Upgrade water heat network in tunnels /remove steam and condensate
  • Plant room modifications
  • Building works to remove / replace steam
  • Energy Centre works to replace steam boilers.

Andy Hammond, Head of Engineering, Energy and Environment has responsibility for ensuring compliance with the grant-funding terms, with Adam Srodzinski, Head of Projects Delivery acting as Senior Supplier. Rod Coppard, is acting as Special Projects Manager,  Paul Felton is the Clerk of Works and Owen Everall will be acting as technical lead on behalf of the Engineering Team.

First steps are underway. Andy said: “So far there have been lots and lots of surveys.  We are going through every building on the campus looking to identify steam services and systems that they affect.  We are also looking at locations and plans for temporary boilers which will be required throughout the project period."

Contractors appointed are Arup (design & project management), Mortimer Issacs (cost management).


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