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CPE CINE Workshop


Talks at the CPE-CINE Workshop

The CPE hosted a delegation from CINE in Brazil for a day of talks and lab tours

The CPE hosted the second workshop with CINE, Brazil.

Day 1 talks on the theme of Batteries included

  • Hudson Zanin - Towards high energy storage non-flammable supercapacitor
  • Heather Au (Li-S): Lignin carbon fibre-based Li-S batteries
  • Gustavo Doubek - Developing New tools for in situ and operando analysis of Li-O2 Batteries
  • Nuria Tapia Ruiz -High performance Na ion cathodes for Na ion batteries
  • Ann Huang -Sustainable manufacturing of thick battery electrodes with improved performance
  • Juarez L. F. da Silva - Atomistic Understanding of Materials for Energy Applications
  • Qiley Song-Membrane design for energy storage devices
  • Zhenyu Guo-High performance Na ion battery anodes at pouch level
  • Huw Shiel -Characterisation of electrochemical interfaces using X-Ray based techniques
  • Shelly Conroy- Microscopy techniques (cryoTEM, APT) for battery interface characterisation
  • Cecilia Mattevi-3D priming of energy storage devices

And Day 2 focused on electro (photo)catalysis:

  • Marcos Quiles-machine leaning for energy devices
  • Pablo Sebastián Fernández - Looking at electrochemistry through an in situ multi-technique approach
  • Reshma Rao-Electrocatalysts for water splitting
  • Raphael Nagao - Ammonia Electrocatalytic Synthesis from Nitrate Reduction on Copper Oxides Catalysts
  • Anna Hankin- large scale solar reactors
  • Juliano A. Bonacin – Prussian blue and its analogues as catalysts for water oxidation under mild conditions
  • Jesus Barrio- Electrocatalysts design for ORR and CO2 RR
  • Salvador Eslava-Photocatalysts for H2 production and CO2 reduction
  • Camille Petit-gas phase photocatalysis for CO2 reduction
  • Ifan Stephens- N2 electroreduction

We are pleased to hear that this collaboration has resulted in a joint proposal that has just been submitted to EPSRC.


Lisa Bushby

Lisa Bushby
Department of Physics