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Postdoctoral researchers and fellows present their work in a first-time showcase


Dr Julianna Panidi presenting her work in organic solar cells.

Dr Julianna Panidi presenting her work in organic solar cells during the FoNS Postdoc & Fellows Research Showcase.

Research fellows and postdoctoral researchers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences presented their work in multidisciplinary showcase.

Postdoctoral researchers and fellows presented their research in a showcase hosted by the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS). The first of its kind for the Faculty, it gathered researchers from across all FoNS departments to network and share their work.

Over the course of half a day, researchers were able to give short five-minute talks on their research – covering a wide range of topics such as modelling young planetary systems to novel materials for solar cells. 

“The main motivation behind the showcase was mainly to allow early-career researchers to find out what other departments are doing,” says Dr Julianna Panidi, Postdoc Rep for the Department of Chemistry.

Co-organised by FoNS postdoc and fellow reps and the Faculty staff, the showcase extended the concept of similar showcases that occur regularly for PhD candidates at Imperial.

Dr Panidi said that such events could help foster fruitful research collaborations between different research groups and departments.

Dr Domènec Ruiz-Balet, a research fellow at the Department of Mathematics, presented his work on modelling problems around environmental resource usage and preservation. 

“There was another researcher who presented work on the climate that I also found particularly interesting, so with the interchanging of ideas, something could happen,” he says, “In general, it’s important to know what people are doing in other disciplines.” 

Dr Thomas Pienkowski from the Centre for Environmental Policy, presented work a case study of forest restoration in Brazil.

I think this potential for cross-fertilisation is particularly needed and valuable. Dr Thomas Pienkowski Centre for Environmental Policy

“I’d encourage people to present new concepts and projects that are still in the early stages, which creates space for the other postdocs from different backgrounds to offer ideas on entirely new approaches to tackling problems,” he says, “I think this potential for cross-fertilisation is particularly needed and valuable.”

Some of the researchers also saw value in being practicing their presentation skills in front of a non-specialist audience – a pertinent skill when applying for fellowships or grants.

“I think it’s great practice for the presenters as it’s becoming more and more important to be able to explain your research in layman’s terms – something we scientists [can] fail [when] we love our jargon,” says Dr Julia Sanchez Garrido from the Department of Life Sciences. 

Plans are now underway to host the research showcase again next year after positive feedback from the participants.

Dr Ester Buchaca-Domingo, Strategic Research Coordinator at FoNS, says she is happy to help postdoc and fellow representatives co-organise the showcase: “I am glad we made it happen because we received such good feedback from both presenters and attendees.”




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