PhD student Mary Ogbuka Kenneth's Research Poster at Women in Engineering Event


Photo of Mary in front of her research poster

Mary's poster presentation focused on the intersection of psychology and artificial intelligence

Mary Ogbuka Kenneth, a talented PhD student at Imperial College's Department of Computing, recently captivated attendees at a Women in Engineering Network event with her innovative research poster. The event celebrated and promoted women in engineering, providing a platform for Mary to share her cutting-edge work.

The event began with a discussion entitled 'Making the invisible visible'. This was to highlight that the faculty of Engineering has three women Heads of Department, and both the Vice Dean for Research and also Vice Provost for Research are both female. In this, they discussed their research areas, careers, and aspects such as imposter syndrome, research ethics, and how to be successful. This was opened up to the floor to ask questions.

Mary's poster presentation focused on the intersection of psychology and artificial intelligence. Titled "A Multi-Model Humour Style Recognition Platform" her research aimed to address the urgent need for an extensive multi-modal (video, audio, and text) humour style recognition system that can aid in the improvement of mental health and relationships.

The event, attended by aspiring engineers, industry professionals, and academics, encouraged knowledge sharing and collaboration. Mary's visually engaging poster effectively communicated the significance of her work, sparking lively discussions and leaving a lasting impression on peers and industry professionals.

The event concluded with cake-cutting and post-panel networking, fostering connections among attendees and inspiring potential collaborations within Imperial's female engineering community.

Mary expressed gratitude for the platform provided by the Women in Engineering Network event, stating, "I am honoured to have had the chance to share my research with such an enthusiastic audience. The support and encouragement have been invaluable, and I am excited about potential collaborations."

Mary Ogbuka Kenneth's exceptional research poster showcased her expertise in artificial intelligence and highlighted the strides of women in engineering at Imperial College, inspiring future generations in the field.


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