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Mohn Mingle networking and research meetings kick off with a bang


Arrash speaking behind podium in front of large screen

Dr Arrash Yassaee speaking about the background to his PhD

The Mohn Centre is pleased to announce the success of its new monthly networking and research meeting series - the Mohn Mingle.

The Mohn Centre, dedicated to advancing research in child health and wellbeing in urban settings, is pleased to announce the success of its monthly networking and research meetings 'the Mohn Mingle'. These informal gatherings serve as a platform for academics from diverse backgrounds to come together and discuss innovative ideas aimed at enhancing their research and connections. 

In the spotlight this month, the Mohn Centre delved into its data linkage theme, providing a glimpse into new research topics by Puji Faitna, Dr Rakhee Shah and Dr Arrash Yassaee. 

The session was opened with a talk from Puji Faitna and her PhD exploring the connection between positive parental mental health and the mental health trajectory of children. Her work explores data from both Australia and the UK to discern how socioeconomic factors and country-specific elements influence these relationships.

Puji Faitna, President's PhD Scholar, said;
"I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to present my early PhD ideas looking at the determinants of children and young people’s mental health. I hope this work will eventually have a positive impact on children, young people, and their families, particularly when facing adversity.’

Rakhee Shah speaking in front of podium about her PhD work
Dr Rakhee Shah speaking at the first Mohn Mingle

Dr Rakhee Shah proposed her project titled "Evaluating the annual learning disability health check for young people in England." Her work aims to bring to light the adverse health outcomes of BAME young people with learning disabilities.

Dr Rakhee Shah, Clinical Research Fellow, said;
"The health of people with learning disabilities has been neglected for far too long. It is time to prioritise research aimed at reducing the stark health inequalities experienced by this group."

Dr Arrash Yassaee, expert in the realm of medical software enlightened the audience with his presentation on "Next-generation medical software – applications in paediatrics." He discussed the revolutionary concepts underpinning the Software-as-Medical-Device industry and outlined how these innovations could alter the landscape of paediatric healthcare.

Dr Arrash Yassaee, Honorary Research Fellow, said;
"Digital health is a really exciting and growing area of research. Thank you to the Mohn Centre for inviting me to present my work to colleagues with such a wide range of expertise. It's already led to some interesting collaborations and I'm looking forward to the next Mingle!" 

The success of the event was driven by the enthusiastic participation of academics and colleagues from various fields who came together to share knowledge and promote collaboration. The Mohn Centre's monthly meetings aim to facilitate the creation of a multidisciplinary community devoted to enhancing the health and wellbeing of children and young people living in urban environments.

We invite you to join us at our next event, which is scheduled for the last Tuesday of the month. Find out more on the Mohn Centre website.

If you have a presentation idea or wish to host a session on a specific topic, please get in touch by emailing


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