Podcast: Best of 2023, sustainable flight fuel, and better bones


In this edition: 2023 in review, the first transatlantic flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel, and improving bone quality.

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News: Best of 2023 – We hear about some of the best quantum breakthroughs and how science has met art at Imperial in 2023, as told by our science communication interns.

Sustainable aviation fuel flights – We talk to Dr Marc Stettler and Dr Roger Teoh, two of the researchers involved in the world’s first transatlantic flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel, made primarily of waste fats and cooking oil. The Imperial team helped assess the potential impact of such flights, including the formation of contrails.

Bone up on bones – We catch up with the Bone Up podcast, which discusses everything about bones: how we make them, why we break them, and what we still don’t fully understand about them. In this clip, we hear about how improving diet and lifestyle can impact the quality of bones and help prevent fractures in the most vulnerable people.

imperialcollege · Bone up on bones

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The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on Imperial's MSc Science Communication course. He’s also a longstanding BBC presenter and reporter. Gareth is joined each month by our roving reporters in the Communications Division.


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