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11 Papers from DoC accepted at AAAI and AAMAS in 2024


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AAAI is to promote research in AI and foster scientific exchange and AAMAS is the largest conference in the area of agents and multiagent systems

Eleven papers coauthored by members of the Department of Computing have been accepted at the 38th Annual AAAI Conference on ArtificialIntelligence (AAAI 2024) and the 23rd International Conference onAutonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS 2024).The purpose of AAAI is to promote research in AI and foster scientificexchange between researchers, practitioners, scientists, students, andengineers.AAMAS is the largest and most influential conference in the area ofagents and multiagent systems.Papers accepted at AAAI:- F. Leofante and N. Potyka; Promoting Counterfactual Robustness throughDiversity.- M. Flageat, B. Lim and A. Cully; Beyond Expected Return: Accountingfor Policy Reproducibility when Evaluating Reinforcement Learning Algorithms- M. Dombrowski, H. Reynaud, J. Müller, M. Baugh and B. Kainz;Trade-offs in Fine-tuned Diffusion Models Between Accuracy andInterpretability.- Zhang, Williams, and Toni; Targeted Activation Penalties help CNNsignore spurious signals.- Ulbricht,  Potyka, Rapberger and Toni; Non-flat ABA is an Instance ofBipolar Argumentation.- A. Hussain and F. Belardinelli; Stability of Multi-Agent Learning inCompetitive Networks: Delaying the Onset of Chaos.Papers accepted at AAMAS:- J. Jiang, A. Rago, F. Leofante and F. Toni; Recourse under ModelMultiplicity via Argumentative Ensembling.- A. Goodall and F. Belardinelli; Leveraging Approximate Model-basedShielding for Probabilistic Safety Guarantees in Continuous Environments.- F. Ward, M. MacDermott, F. Belardinelli, F. Toni and T. Everitt; TheReasons that Agents Act: Intention and Instrumental Goals.- F. Belardinelli, W. Jamroga, M. Mittelmann and A. Murano; Verificationof Stochastic Multi-Agent Systems with Forgetful Strategies.- A. Hussain, D. Leonte, F. Belardinelli and G. Piliouras; On theStability of Learning in Network Games with Many Players.


Mr Ahmed Idle

Mr Ahmed Idle
Department of Computing


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