Nature Reviews Cancer: Protein Lipidation


Protein N-Myristoylation relating to cancer

Protein N-Myristoylation relating to cancer

Ed, Ana and Lior, together with co-authors Prof Hening Lin (Cornell) and Prof Mei Wang-Casey (NUS Singapore) have published a review in Nature Reviews

In the first unified review on protein lipidation in Nature Reviews Cancer, they review the oncogenic roles and drug target potential of the enzymes and other proteins regulating each of the main classes of protein lipidation: myristoylation, palmitoylation (or S-acylation), prenylation and secreted protein lipidation (Hedgehog and Wnt proteins). They discuss the direct impact on tumorigenesis and importance in the immune response to cancer, and highlight the potential to target lipidation inhibitors through advanced therapeutic approaches, including several topics central to research in the Tate lab. These include technologies for the analysis of protein palmitoylation, the recently discovered role of NMT in senescence, new approaches to target the Hedgehog pathway, and the NMT inhibitor-armed antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) being developed by Myricx Bio.
We hope this review offers a useful perspective of the current state of the art for this important and emerging class of cancer and immuno-oncology drug targets.



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