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Now formally known as the “DoC Postgrad Alumni Network,” the initiative aims to build a robust platform where alumni can easily connect.

In a heartening initiative born from the desire to reclaim missed opportunities for socialising and networking during the COVID-19 pandemic, two MSc Computing alumni have launched a project that is quickly growing into a vibrant community. Seeking to bridge the gap created by the pandemic years, these alumni created an informal network aimed at connecting former students.

What began as a small project facilitating informal meet-ups and group channels on WhatsApp and LinkedIn has received enthusiastic feedback. Encouraged by this positive response, the team decided to expand the network to include other postgraduate cohorts and years.

The project has garnered substantial support from various quarters within Imperial College. The Alumni Centre and the Department of Computing have been instrumental in providing rooms and ideas, while the Department of Computing Society (DoCSoC) graciously organised catering for the most recent meet-up. This event saw a robust turnout of about 45 attendees, underscoring the growing interest and engagement within the community.

Now formally known as the “DoC Postgrad Alumni Network,” the initiative aims to build a robust platform where alumni can easily connect for socialising, job opportunities, business partnerships, idea sharing, and departmental liaison. The network has already grown to include 200 members, and the team has ambitious medium-term goals. These include the creation of subgroups focused on areas such as Artificial Intelligence, start-ups, finance, and alumni locations beyond London. They are also actively seeking sponsors to support the initiative.

Alexandra, Mia, Matthew, and Ziyou, the driving forces behind this network, extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone involved for their continued support. Their vision is to cultivate a thriving community that offers significant value to its members, both personally and professionally.

The DoC Postgrad Alumni Network stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Imperial College community, showcasing the power of collaboration and the importance of maintaining connections across cohorts and generations.


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Mr Ahmed Idle
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