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Imperial alumnus Kate Mandeville has established the Medic-to-Medic Programme to support Malawian medical students

Health Organisation (WHO) for Malawi are among the poorest in the world; with life expectancy only 47 years. Poverty is widespread, with half of the population living below the poverty line, and the country faces the threat of HIV/AIDs as well.

The WHO highlights that the two main challenges that need to be addressed in Malawi are “tackling the risk of HIV infection and the burden of AIDS; and reversing the weakening of the national health system”.

Imperial alumnus Dr Kate Mandeville (Medicine 2006) has taken some initial steps to help make that happen by setting up the Medic-to-Medic Programme, a charity through which British doctors and medical students sponsor named medical students in developing countries. Only in its first year, the programme is already sponsoring 15 promising medical students at the Blantyre College of Medicine in Malawi.

The lack of trained doctors in Malawi impedes the delivery of basic healthcare to the country’s population, but by providing students’ medical fees for a full year the programme is supporting the next generation of Malawi’s doctors.

Speaking about the Programme, Kate said: " I grew up in Malawi and went back there last year. I decided to visit the medical school, and was struck both by the number of students that drop out due to lack of money and also the amount of study time current students spend just looking for extra funding. This programme enables talented but poor trainee doctors to focus on their studies by guaranteeing their tuition fees, getting them nearer graduation and working in their home country."

Dr Mahmood Adil, North West Director of Public Health and Senior Advisor at the Department of Health, will be speaking at the Programme’s launch event on 12 April 2008 at the Hotel Russell in Bloomsbury. If you would like to attend the launch event, which includes a three-course dinner, dance, auction and a photographic exhibition, please contact Kate at

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