The Molecular Science and Engineering MRes includes a 6 month collaborative, multidisciplinary research project. Every project has two academic supervisors from different disciplines, and at least one industrial supervisor. Each student undertakes a 3 month industrial placement as part of their research project.

Recent projects
Project nameIndustrial partnerAcedemic supervisor
Conducting Polymers BASF Martin Heeney (Chemistry), Jason Hallett (Chemical Engineering)
Equation of State Phase Equilibrium Modelling BASF George Jackson (Chemical Engineering), Niall Mac Dowell (Centre for Environmental Policy)
Characterisation of Disperse Systems BASF Jason Riley (Materials), Jerry Heng (Chemical Engineering)
Factors Driving Phase Instability P&G Claire Adjiman (Chemical Engineering), Paul Luckham (Chemical Engineering)
Ionic Liquid Modelling via Molecular Dynamics STFC Patricia Hunt (Chemistry), George Jackson (Chemical Engineering)
Industrial ingredient specification interpretation, chemical speciation models, and database tools and methods P&G  George Jackson (Chemical Engineering), Mimi Hii (Chemistry)
Data generation procedures for the accurate parameterization of reactive SAFT EoS  P&G, PSE Amparo Galindo (Chemical Engineering), Fernando Bresme (Chemistry)
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