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You can now access documents and files on your H: drive from your tablet or mobile devices (iOS or Android) using our new Mobilecho service.

You can now access your H: drive from your mobile devices (iOS or Android) using our new Mobilecho service. MobilEcho allows access via the internet, with enterprise level security and the same levels of convenience provided by familiar products like DropBox.

In the world of network file sharing, the ubiquitous DropBox has set the standard for ease of use and functionality. However it provides inadequate security and authentication for an enterprise environment, and so has not been a product the College can recommend. Regardless of this DropBox has been widely adopted by individuals in College because of its convenience, and we have long been aware that there has been a need for a secure and supportable alternative. It is only recently that industry has begun to develop suitable products. MobilEcho is such a product and provides the convenience of DropBox with enterprise level security and integration. With the client running on a mobile device, a user can access their H: drive and content, by authenticating with their College ID and then copy, view and edit files on the move.

Viewing works with many common file types and document editing works if you have an appropriate app installed on your device. Documents can be added to your H: drive while on the move. Data cached on the device is encrypted and inaccessible without authentication. Whole directories can be synced, or individual files can be copied to the local device for offline viewing (iOS devices only at present, Android will follow soon).

MobilEcho is available for Apple mobile devices running iOS . Android devices are also supported with a reduced but growing feature set.


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