BIM a physical, personnel and cyber security challenge



A highlight of the security challenges that BIM can create

On Tuesday 08 March 2016, as part of its Seminar Series, the Centre for Systems Engineering & Innovation hosted a talk by Mr Paul Forman, Honorary Principal Research Fellow within Imperial College’s Institute for Security Science & Technology. 

In his Seminar, Paul presented interesting UK government work on how BIM can still provide a collaboration tool in the design, construction and asset management of an asset but also be secured by a range of physical, personnel and cyber security techniques.   

Further details of the Seminar are presented in the abstract below:


The adoption of Building Information Modelling and the increasing use of digital technologies in the management of buildings and infrastructure is having a transformative effect on those involved in their design, construction and management. But the models also offer a rich source of information to those with malicious intent – the talk will show the range of threats, the challenges facing industry and academia and how sites and models can be appropriately secured without losing the functionality and collaboration that they were designed to encourage.

The Centre would like to thank Paul for his interesting insight, time and advice given regarding the more security-minded use of BIM.



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