Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation

Welcome to the Centre

Changing how cross-sector infrastructure challenges are addressed in an integrated way using principles of systems engineering to maximise resilience, safety and sustainability in an increasingly complex world.

The Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation (CSEI) is a Faculty of Engineering initiative. It was established in 2010, with the aim to provide a hub for work that brought systems approaches to civil infrastructure. Over the last decade it has developed related research on cyber-physical complexity, interdependencies between infrastructure systems in water and transport and the potential for projects to act as interventions and a catalyst for change in infrastructure.

With the world that is facing unprecedent challenges of climate emergency and economic uncertainty, the question is how can we continue providing the quality of life through infrastructure in a sustainable, cost-effective and fair way, while minimising its impacts on environments?

To answer this question, we have developed our 2020-2030 Research Agenda. We advocate for approach that sees the natural environment as all pervasive, where the built infrastructure is inseparable from it and an adaptation of the natural systems to suit societal needs, using its materials and resources. We see the work relevant for both academic community and wide range of industry and policy applications that are working on infrastructure transition pathways towards fair, safe and sustainable society.


Our research is contributing to Imperial’s systems research focused on solving global societal and environmental challenges.

Dr Ana Mijic
Centre Director