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Faculty of Natural Sciences Prizes for Excellence 2017: winners announced!

The Faculty Prizes for Excellence are organised by the Education Committee and are designed to recognise individuals who have made a major contribution to teaching and learning, or to health and safety within the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The Faculty strives to provide a safe and academically stimulating environment in which research and teaching can flourish. These awards therefore allow us to celebrate some of the many outstanding individuals within the faculty who have gone that extra mile to enrich the experience of our students in their development as leading scientists of the future.

The prizes are made in 3 categories:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning, including: lecturing; laboratory demonstrating; academic tutoring; personal tutoring; and introducing new teaching programs, methods and projects.

Excellence in the Support of Teaching and Learning, in the context of Departmental and Faculty teaching and learning activities including: laboratory class demonstrating; running workshops; academic tutoring; academic teaching administration and student support; and technical support of lectures and laboratories.

Excellence in Health and Safety, these awards are given in recognition of excellence in promoting and implementing safe practices in the Faculty. The prizes fall into four categories: academic staff; support staff; Post-Docs; and students.

The award winners in all categories are those judged to have been most outstanding in their contribution to the teaching and learning experience, or to the promotion of health and safety this year. 

This year’s Prize winners are as follows:

Excellence in Teaching

Centre for Environmental Policy

  • Zen Makuch

Department of Chemistry

  • Sue Gibson
  • Saif Haque

Department of Life Sciences

  • Magda Charalambous
  • Stephen Curry
  • Stuart Haslam

Department of Mathematics

  • Eric Keavney
  • Emma McCoy
  • Edward Segal

Department of Physics

  • Kim Christensen
  • Michael Coppins
  • Toby Wiseman

Excellence in the Support of Teaching & Learning 2017

Centre for Environmental Policy

  • Shane Murphy

Department of Chemistry

  • Samantha Apps
  • Melis Ekinci
  • Alexandra Lubin
  • Tristan Mackenzie

Department of Life Sciences

  • Rita Berkachy
  • Laurence Bugeon
  • Dominic Pollard
  • Sophie Rehman
  • Jessica Rowley
  • Kate Sharples
  • Sam Thompson

Department of Mathematics

  • Asad Chaudhary
  • Dorian Guzu
  • Layal Hakim
  • Anderson Santos
  • Tasmin Symons
  • Jeremy Wu

Department of Physics

  • Daan Arroo
  • Johan Borg
  • Satyajit Das
  • Adam Dobbs
  • Goodwin Gibbins
  • Alex Harrold
  • Viktoryia Shautsova

Prizes for Excellence in Health and Safety 2017

Academic Staff Prize for Excellence in Health & Safety

  • Megan Quinlan, Centre for Environmental Policy

The Jan de Abela-Borg Support Staff Prize for Excellence in Health and Safety

  • Simon Mann, Department of Chemistry

Post Doc Prize for Excellence in Health & Safety

  • Jochen Brandt, Department of Chemistry

Student Prize for Excellence in Health & Safety

  • Yifan Dong, Department of Chemistry


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