2017 CTTC Early Achievement Award for Electrical Engineering



Deniz Gunduz has been given the 2017 Communication Theory Technical Committee (CTTC) Early Achievement Award.

The award is given by the IEEE Communications Society to researchers within 10 years of their PhD. Deniz, from our Intelligent Systems and Networks group, received the award for contributions to fundamental results in wireless communications theory for source and channel coding, cooperative communications and energy harvesting.

CTTC is the technical committee that brings together the researchers who study the fundamental theoretical aspects of information transmission. In Deniz’s research he has developed novel methods and algorithms that improve the end-to-end quality of multimedia transmission over unreliable wireless links by jointly designing compression and channel coding, or by enabling cooperation among distributed terminals.

These techniques enable users to download videos to their mobile phones using less bandwidth and energy. His more recent work involves developing new resource allocation and communication techniques, so that terminals with limited and unreliable energy sources, for example, those relying on energy harvested through a solar panel, can achieve the desired quality, paving the way to greener and more energy-independent wireless devices. 

Deniz says: ‘I’m extremely honoured to be selected for this award; not only because of the appreciation of my work by the research community, but also because the CTTC membership includes numerous talented young researchers from all over the world. Of course, I have been extremely lucky to have collaborated with many distinguished scientists, and continue to work with brilliant students and post-docs; and each of them has a share in this award.’

Congratulations to Deniz.

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