Intelligent systems and networks (ISN) research group

Intelligence, Communication, and Interaction are vitally important to the development of Information Technology. These are the subject of intensive study in the Intelligent Systems and Networks (ISN) Group at Imperial College London. How can we build "autonomic" systems including computers, networks, and robots that can plan and act in complex, fast-changing environments? How can we get software and computers to learn new things? How can the Internet better respond to the Quality of Service requirements of its users? How can computers help us to better understand biological intelligence? These are some of the vital questions being addressed by the Group's on-going research, with support from Government, Industry, and the European Union. As networks and computers become ever more pervasive in commerce, industry and the home, they constitute some of the most critical lines of enquiry open to contemporary academia that are being addressed by ISN’s internationally recognised team of scientists and engineers.