Strategic planning for pandemic management



Researchers from Imperial College London have launched an international study to gather information on the policy response to COVID-19.

Imperial researchers, with Co-Investigators from around the world, have launched an international online survey ‘Strategic planning for pandemic management – an analysis of the macro environment’, aiming to capture the barriers and inhibitors to addressing COVID-19.  Country level information is sought now - during the pandemic - and at two time points in the future.

The survey aims to capture data from high-, middle- and low-income countries and from all continents of the world on seven domains: Political factors, Economic influences, Sociological trends, Technological innovations, Ecological factors, Legislative requirements, Industry (PESTELI framework).

The output of this research will provide important and comprehensive analyses of influences which need to be accounted for in planning and modelling work for this and future pandemics.

The survey is available in multiple languages.

To participate in the online survey, please click here.

Please contact Dr Raheelah Ahmad for further information:


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