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Aeronautics Professor receives award for outstanding CFD research


Professor Spencer Sherwin

Professor Spencer Sherwin

The ECCOMAS Prandtl medal has been awarded to the Department of Aeronautics’ Professor Spencer Sherwin

Professor Sherwin, the Department’s Head of Aerodynamics, received the Medal for his outstanding and sustained contributions to computational fluid dynamics research.

ECCOMAS (the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences) groups together European associations who have interests in developing and applying computational methods in science and technology.

In response to the award, Professor Sherwin said: “I’m very honoured to receive the ECCOMAS Prandtl medal, although of course much of the credit should go to my students and researchers who have underpinned so much of the work."

Professor Sherwin leads a research group that specialises in developing and applying parallel high order spectral/hp element methods (Nektar) for flow around complex geometries. The research has a particular emphasis on vortical and bluff body flows and biomedical modelling of the cardiovascular system. 

He has worked on developing industrial applications of these methods through partnerships with McLaren Racing, Airbus and Rolls Royce. He completed a RAEng/McLaren Racing Fellowship during which spectral/hp element methods were applied to problems of interest in Formula One aerodynamics.


Tom Creese

Tom Creese
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