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Imperial’s Neonatal Data Analysis Unit has joined the UK Health Data Research Alliance to help establish best practice for the use of data.

The Neonatal Data Analysis Unit, led by Professor Neena Modi, was founded to support the creation and development of the National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD), a national Data Asset, and the Neonatal Data Set, a national Data Standard. The NNRD holds real-world clinical data recorded in the course of care on all admissions to NHS neonatal units in England, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man. The database was established in 2012 to support UK neonatal units in utilising clinical data to improve patient care and outcomes, service delivery and evaluation, and audits and research on a national scale. Northern Ireland will contribute data from 2022. 

Professor Neena Modi, said: “The Neonatal Data Set and National Neonatal Research Database were developed with the collaboration of neonatal teams across the country, commissioners and health service managers, the national preterm and sick baby charity, Bliss, as well as parents and former patients. My team and I are delighted to join the Health Data Research Alliance to extend and further develop the national and international use of the NNRD for patient benefit.”

The UK Health Data Research Alliance is an independent alliance of leading healthcare and research organisations. Convened by Health Data Research UK, the alliance develops and co-ordinates the adoption of tools, techniques, conventions, technologies, and designs that enable the use of health data in a trustworthy and ethical way for research and innovation.

Professor Jonathan Weber, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine said: “I am very pleased to see Imperial’s National Neonatal Research Database join the UK’s leading independent alliance of healthcare and research organisations, united to establish best practice for the ethical use of UK health data at scale. Professor Neena Modi has pioneered this neonatal platform that provides a globally unique opportunity to conduct efficient, real-world data enabled research to improve the quality of care for newborns.


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