Neonatal data

The Neonatal Data Analysis Unit forms part of the Neonatal Medicine Research Group led by Professor Neena Modi at the Chelsea and Westminster campus of Imperial College London. The Neonatal Data Analysis Unit was founded to support the management and development of the National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD) established in 2007 by Professor Modi, and related research. The NNRD is a national resource holding real-world clinical data captured in the course of care on all admissions to NHS neonatal units in England, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Neonatal units submit data through their Electronic Patient Record system supplier. At present, there is information on around one million babies and 10 million days of care in the NNRD.

The NNRD is available to support audit, evaluations, bench-marking, quality improvement and clinical, epidemiological, health services and policy research to improve patient care and outcomes. Data in the NNRD comprise the Neonatal Data Set DAPB1595, an approved NHS Information Standard and include demographic details, daily records of interventions and treatments throughout the neonatal inpatient stay, information on diagnoses and outcomes, and follow-up health status at age two years. Details of how to access the NNRD are provided on the Utilising the NNRD page.

The UK National Neonatal Collaborative was established in 2012 consisting of all neonatal units that contribute to the NNRD. Each neonatal unit has a UKNC lead who acts as the point of contact with the Neonatal Data Analysis Unit.

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