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Exploring Analytical Science profiles the people and techniques behind research at the Agilent Measurement Suite.

A new podcast from Agilent and Imperial features analytical scientists who are working on a variety of real-world questions and challenges.

Exploring Analytical Science, a podcast produced by Agilent Technologies in partnership with Imperial, profiles work by researchers at the Agilent Measurement Suite, an advanced analytical science facility in Imperial’s White City Campus.

The scientists featured in the podcast explain their research on questions ranging from how biological markers can be used to screen pregnant women for risk of pre-term birth to how regional differences affect the taste and chemical profile of cheese.

The podcast is available from iTunes and Spotify with no registration or download required on either platform.

The scientists featured explain research ranging from how biological markers can be used to screen pregnant women for risk of pre-term birth to how regional differences affect the taste and chemical profile of cheese.

The series offers insights into how researchers in the Suite are using the latest equipment to better understand the chemical composition and structure of the body and environment and to innovate in areas such as healthcare.

Hosted by science broadcaster and Imperial lecturer Gareth Mitchell, the seven-episode series also provides insights into the technologies used by analytical scientists, the role of university–industry partnerships, and the future of analytical science in the next ten years.

Medicine, forensics, and the future of analytical science

Research profiled in the series includes:

  • The chemistry of cheese
    Dr Lisa D Haigh from the Department of Chemistry, who explains how she is using analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry to understand how regional differences in cheesemaking affect not only the flavour but the chemical composition of cheese.
  • Screening for risk of pre-term birth
    Loukia Petrou, a medical student and PhD student in the Department of Bioengineering, who talks about her work to develop a point-of-care screening test for prediction of pre-term birth using microRNA biomarkers
  • Forensic science
    Dr Trevor Ferris, Facility Manager at the Agilent Measurement Suite, who discusses his research in forensic science, including how chemicals found in fingerprints can be used to identify individuals who have been involved in preparing drugs like heroin and cocaine for sale.
  • Treatment for neurodegerative diseases
    Maria Elena Piersimoni, a PhD researcher at Imperial and Senior Scientist at Pfizer R&D UK, who discusses her research on the use of gold nanoparticles in the treatment of oxidative stress in neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Cell and gene therapy delivery
    Dr James Rushworth, an Imperial alumnus and researcher at biotechnology startup SixFold Bioscience, who discusses the company’s work to develop a novel delivery system for cell and gene therapies.

The series is book-ended by discussions about the applications and challenges of analytical science.

Guests include:

  • Agilent leaders Maria Angeles Diaz (EMEA and India Sales Vice President & General Manager) and Sandra Fiscelli (Associate Vice President for EMEA),
  • Imperial academics Professor Tony Cass, Director of the Agilent Measurement Suite, Dr Gerald Larrouy-Maumus (Department of Life Sciences) and Professor Julian Griffin (Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction)
  • Agilent scientists Dr Hania Khoury and Dr Gordon Ross.

Agilent Measurement Suite

The Agilent Measurement Suite was opened in 2019 with state-of-the art chemical analysis equipment provided by the instrument manufacturer and is housed in the new Molecular Sciences Research Hub in White City. It is supporting a range of research and training for Imperial researchers and users from outside the College.

Listen to the podcast

  • You can access the podcast series from iTunes or Spotify with no registration or download required.


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