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Facility launched to study complex molecules and materials with electron spins

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A hybrid event launched the state-of-the-art Centre for Pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy (PEPR) at Imperial's White City campus

Launched on the 20th September, the Centre for Pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy (PEPR) is a new facility housed in the Molecular Sciences Research Hub at Imperial’s White City campus, which will provide the tools to study electron spins across chemistry, physics, engineering, life sciences and medicine, while also supporting cutting-edge programmes of instrument development.

Established with a £2.3m equipment grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and generous support from Imperial College London and industrial partners, PEPR will support researchers from academia and industry in the UK and abroad.

Role of PEPR

PEPR will bring people together to do great science and translate the knowledge to make an impact in society. Dr Maxie Roessler Director of PEPR

Advanced electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is a transformative experimental technique that in recent years has driven a variety of major scientific discoveries and technological advances. Detailed studies of unpaired electrons through EPR spectroscopy are providing the fundamental insight needed to enable artificial photosynthesis, manufacture of next-generation solar materials, the role of free radicals in health and disease and noise reduction in quantum computers.

Built on the three pillars of state-of-the-art multifrequency pulsed EPR, electrochemical EPR and instrument development, PEPR will help explore the power of electron spins across different disciplines and sectors The three pillars of PEPRby bringing new capabilities and enabling users from across the United Kingdom and abroad to work at and with the facility. New capabilities include enhancing spin number and concentration sensitivity (with a signal-to-noise ratio improvement of more than an order of magnitude already possible), hence benefiting the study of paramagnetic species that can only be accumulated in very small amounts, and developing new EPR-spectroelectrochemical methods for investigating processes that are underpinned by electron transfer reactions.

PEPR will also satisfy the high local and regional demand for pulse and multifrequency EPR spectroscopy to investigate systems from a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from fundamental physics to biological applications.

Hybrid Launch Event

PEPR’s launch saw a combined audience of over 100 in-person and virtual attendees join the hybrid event, which showcased the power of electron spins across disciplines and sectors, with short scientific talks given by PEPR’s co-investigators and internationally leading EPR spectroscopists as well as industrial partners and funders.

In particular, talks provided a snapshot of the breadth of research enabled by EPR spectroscopy including applications in “Chemistry & Catalysis”, “Energy & Environment”, “Materials” and “Biology”.
The recordings are available on Imperial College's YouTube channel.

Lab tours, delivered by PEPR’s Facility Manager Dr Alberto Collauto, and a drinks reception were well attended by those who joined the event in person.


The PEPR Team particularly thanks the Department of Chemistry, Bruker and Cryogenic Ltd for their strong support and sponsorship of the launch event.

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Alberto Collauto

Alberto Collauto
Department of Chemistry

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Sarah Al-Beidh
Department of Chemistry

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Maryam Seif Eddine
Department of Chemistry

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Jana Eisermann
Department of Chemistry

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Maxie Roessler
Department of Chemistry

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