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New degree in economics, finance and data science is first of its kind in the UK


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Imperial has launched the UK’s first degree to allow students to study economics and finance, combined with data science.

The new BSc in Economics, Finance and Data Science, which is being offered by Imperial College London, will launch in October 2023.  The first undergraduate degree of its kind, it offers a new approach to leadership and aims to prepare the next generation of economists, policy experts, and business leaders.

The new degree reimagines the traditional study of economics and finance by incorporating the learning of data science. It has been designed by leading academics at the forefront of each discipline, with input from industry and public policy leaders.

Drawing on Imperial’s world-renowned expertise in science, technology and business, the new degree is set against the backdrop of increasing demand for graduates with the latest academic training in economics and finance, whose analytical skills are complemented by data science and coding capabilities.

“Education will be the most powerful instigator of our global economic recovery from the pandemic and in addressing global disruption." Professor Emma McCoy Vice Provost (Education and Student Experience)

Students will develop the skills needed to succeed in a range of roles in industries such as technology, finance, consulting and the public sector, including central banks, regulatory bodies, think-tanks and international organisations. The programme embeds societal impact, diversity and sustainability in its design.

Dr Pedro Rosa Dias, Academic Director of the programme said: “We live in the age of big data and this has revolutionised the workplace and transformed our way of understanding the world’s complexities. In developing this programme, the feedback from employers has been clear: we need a new generation of graduates in economics and finance who are able to use data science to guide businesses, public bodies and international organisations in today’s digital economy.”

Professor Emma McCoy, Vice Provost (Education and Student Experience) at Imperial College London said: “Education will be the most powerful instigator of our global economic recovery from the pandemic and in addressing global disruption. The university students of today will be the thought leaders of the future.

“In launching this degree, Imperial is supporting that next generation to influence the debates that will shape our society for many years to come. Successful applicants should expect to graduate with a deep, multi-disciplinary skillset, a strong understanding on how to contribute our aim to tackle the world’s challenges alongside an agile approach to using data to inform their decision-making.”

Future careers

Flexibility has been built into the curriculum, enabling students to tailor their studies to suit their career interests. Electives across all three disciplines are offered alongside career guidance and mentorship, providing students with the best possible opportunity to successfully pursue their chosen career path after graduation. To aid their career prospects further, students will have the opportunity to live and study in the heart of London.

Applicants are required to possess strong skills in mathematics, show good analytical and language skills and hold an interest in addressing global issues.  Further details on the programme’s curriculum and application requirements can be found on the Imperial College Business School website.


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