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How can our FoNS theme champions support you with grant applications?


Meet our FoNS environment and sustainability theme champions, and find out more about how they can support you with grant applications.

Our environment is changing at unprecedented speeds and scales and we are rapidly losing the biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural resources that we depend upon.

The environment and sustainability theme spans multiple disciplines that address the critical challenges we face in this space, with research and policy focused on understanding, monitoring, predicting and managing the environment and its sustainability. In this short video we catch up with theme champions, Dr Morena Mills and Professor Guy Woodward, to find out their thoughts on the ever-evolving grant landscape, get their tips for ECRs, and find out more about how they can support academics across the Faculty with multidisciplinary proposals in this area.

Watch the video here.

Support with your grant research proposal

The champions have also produced a series of recordings with FoNS academics to help researchers with the writing of grant proposals, and to get a better idea of the differences between funders and their review processes. This is an ongoing series, so do look out for updates! 

These videos require an Imperial login:

If you need support with your grant proposal writing, please complete the FoNS Research Grant Proposal Support Form. This will allow the strategic research team to understand the type of support you need before they contact you.


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