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Imperial partners with LSE for symposium on generative AI and future impacts


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Registrations open for Symposium on Generative AI and the Knowledge Economy, co-hosted by Imperial and LSE as part of 'DSI Squared' collaboration.

Over two days the sister Data Science Institutes from Imperial College London and The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) will explore the technical basis, future directions, industry applications and consequences of generative AI, with particular attention to the knowledge economy and intellectual workers.  

The agenda features a keynote talk from OpenAI Co-Founder Wojciech Zaremba. Founded by influential tech leaders in 2015, OpenAI has become a driving force in the field of artificial intelligence research following the successful launch of the AI language model ChatGPT in November 2022. 

The symposium will consider the consequences for academia and education as tools such as ChatGPT challenge traditional approaches to teaching, assessment, and research.  

Day One will take place at Imperial where speakers including Imperial’s own Professor of Computing and Bioengineering Aldo Faisal, Professor of Computing Peter Pietzuch, and DLA Piper’s Jana Blount, will explore the technical foundations, current capabilities, and likely evolution of the current wave of generative AI systems.   

On Day Two held at LSE, speakers including LSE’s Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides, Regius Professor of Economics, Assistant Professorial Lecturer Dr Jon Cardoso-Silva from the Data Science Institute, Professor Bingchun Meng from the Department of Media and Communications, Professor Lillian Edwards, Professor of Law, Innovation and Society at Newcastle Law School, and Director at the of Competition and Markets Authority Hayley Fletcher, will delve into the effects of large language models on education, economics and finance, and law and regulation.  

There will be discussions about how we teach and assess students and the potential incorporation of tools such as ChatGPT into the educational process.  

Tickets are free and still available and you can sign up here. 

Following the symposium, there will be a separate talk in conversation with Sir Tim Berners-Lee: 'Security, Trust, and Openness in the New Age of AI', with Baroness Dame Minouche Shafik, President and Vice-Chancellor of LSE; and Professor Kenneth Benoit, Director, Data Science Institute. Registration for this is separate and can be found here.


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