DoC Lights Up Imperial Lates with Innovative AI Showcases


AI face painting participants

The success of the event was not just measured by the high turnout but also by the impact it had on the attendees.

The Department of Computing at Imperial College London took center stage at the recent Imperial Lates event, captivating a record-breaking audience with groundbreaking AI innovations and interactive exhibits. With an impressive attendance of 1,048 people, the event marked a significant achievement, being the most attended in this Lates season and showcasing the department's commitment to engaging with the broader community beyond academia. 

The evening's highlights included "AI Disco," led by Professor Julie McCann and Dr Michael Breza, where attendees grooved to the rhythms of AI-generated dance movements, blending the worlds of technology and entertainment in a vibrant celebration. Professor Francesca Toni introduced "CLArg" (Computational Logic and Argumentation Group), engaging the audience with "Arguing with AI" and delivering an insightful presentation titled "AI: Explain Yourself!" These initiatives provided a platform for discussing the potential and limitations of AI in decision-making processes and the importance of transparency in AI operations. 

Gabriel Freedman, a first-year STAI CDT PhD student, hosted an enlightening Q&A session titled ‘Does CHATGPT know what it is talking about?’ on Large Language Models (LLMs), addressing public curiosity about the workings and implications of these advanced AI systems. The session underscored the department's leading role in exploring the frontiers of AI research. 

A standout feature of the event was the AI face painting activity, orchestrated by 2nd year STAI CDT PhD student Maria Stoica for Women and Non-Binary Individuals in Computing (WNBiC). This unique exhibit combined creativity with technology, educating participants about facial recognition algorithms and ethical considerations. Attendees experimented with various face paint designs to challenge facial recognition setups, sparking discussions on privacy and the ethical use of AI technologies. 

  • CLArg run - Arguing with AI

    Arguing with AI run by the CLArg group

  • Gabriel Freedman - Does CHATGPT know what it is talking about 2

    Gabriel Freedman - Does CHATGPT know what it is talking about?

  • Imperial Lates visitors

    Imperial Lates visitors

  • Professor Francesca Toni presenting - AI Explain yourself presentation

    Professor Francesca Toni presenting - AI Explain yourself

  • AI face painting

    AI face painting

  • Li, Yingzhen

    Dr Yingzhen Li project

The success of the event was not just measured by the high turnout but also by the impact it had on the attendees. Feedback collected revealed that 93% of participants found the evening a fun and enlightening experience, with 87% gaining a better understanding of the research carried out at Imperial. Remarkably, 59% of attendees had no prior connection to Imperial, highlighting the event's reach and appeal to a diverse audience. 

As the evening concluded, the positive feedback and high level of interest from the public served as a testament to the department's dedication to making complex scientific research accessible and engaging. The Imperial Lates event not only showcased the innovative work being done at Imperial College London but also highlighted the importance of dialogue between researchers and the wider community in shaping the future of technology and society. 

For more information about the Department of Computing's outreach projects and upcoming events, visit our Outreach and Engagement webpage. 


Mr Ahmed Idle

Mr Ahmed Idle
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