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The Department of Computing aims to engage a diverse range of audiences in a discussion of its work. We hope to ensure the widest possible understanding of both computer science generally and the purpose and benefits of the Department's activities in particular.

Our public engagement activities, through which staff provide their expertise, are intended primarily to inspire public debate and discussion about our research: primarily through exhibitions, public events, lectures, fora, and reporting in the mass media. By these means, we aim to broaden access to science. 

The Department therefore rewards and recognises staff who commit their time and engage with the public in this manner.
We also recognise those who seek to motivate young people to pursue careers in computer science, so participating in a public dialogue about computer science that is essential to the future of the Department.

If you would like to invite our staff to participate in a debate or other event, please either contact the individual directly (if you know who would be most appropriate), or contact for assistance.

Schools outreach

Computing in schools and taster days

Computing in schools

We run a course for upper-level Undergraduate students, which aims to place the student with a London school for a period spanning 8-10 weeks. The aim is for them to support the teaching of Computer Science by gaining first-hand experience of the school environment.

At first, the student would observe the host teacher after which they are expected to be more involved. As students gain experience and confidence, they are expected to take the lead and implement a special teaching project, which may be to plan a number of activities or lessons with which they will be directly involved.

Taster days

The Department of Computing is actively looking to engage with schools, both by having their students visit the college and by having our staff and students come to schools to inspire and instruct. To this end, we are part of the University of London Taster Course Programme where potential applicants, interested students and teachers attend one-day courses in the Department.

These courses focus on what the future lies for computing and how Imperial is at the forefront of creating that future. People also get to meet some of the professors and lecturers in the department as well as current students.