Dr James Bull and Team Receive Prestigious Award for Organic Chemistry Research


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Dr James Bull and his research team have been honoured with The Journal of Organic Chemistry Outstanding Publication of the Year Award Lectureship.

This prestigious accolade recognises outstanding research articles that demonstrate creativity and impact in the field of organic chemistry. The Journal of Organic Chemistry is recognised as requiring the highest academic rigour in the field of organic chemistry.

Dr Bull’s research group has made significant contributions to the synthesis of 4-membered rings as essential motifs in medicinal chemistry, specifically oxetanes and azetidines. Their 2023 paper titled “Visible Light Photoredox-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Alkylation of 3-Aryl-Oxetanes and Azetidines via Benzylic Tertiary Radicals and Implications of Benzylic Radical Stability” which was awarded the prize, exemplifies this. This paper is a collaboration between Dr Bull’s team at Imperial College London, Professor Fernanda Duarte’s group at the University of Oxford and Pfizer.

Their study focused on exploring the synthesis of oxetanes as essential motifs in medicinal chemistry. Importantly, they delved into the structure and reactivity of strained ring radical species, specifically examining the benzylic radicals of 4-membered heterocycles and contrasting them with related structures.

Dr Bull expressed his delight upon receiving the award, ‘We are very pleased that this detailed study on the fundamental organic chemistry has been well received. This award will bring the work to the attention of an even wider readership.’

The award will be presented at the ACS Fall Symposium, taking place from August 18 to 22.

Read their award-winning paper here.


Saida Mahamed

Saida Mahamed
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