New research nominated for the Pragnesh Jay Modi Best Paper Award at AAMAS '24


Jay Jiang

New Paper on Algorithmic Recourse

The Department of Computing at Imperial College London is proud to announce that the paper “Recourse under Model Multiplicity via Argumentative Ensembling” has been nominated for the Pragnesh Jay Modi Best Paper Award at AAMAS 2024. The paper, authored by PhD student Jay Jiang, alongside Dr Francesco Leofante , Dr Antonio Rago  and Professor Francesca Toni , all from the department, will be presented at the prestigious International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) 2024 in Auckland, New Zealand. 

With a focus on addressing the critical challenges surrounding robustness of algorithmic recourse for black box machine learning models, the paper offers valuable insights and solutions, based on computational argumentation, that promise to advance the field of Explainable Artificial Intelligence. 

The inclusion of this paper amongst the (three) finalists for the award marks a significant achievement, highlighting the Department of Computing's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in the field of computer science. 

This latest success further solidifies Imperial’s reputation as a leading institution in the realm of computational research and underscores its dedication to fostering excellence in academia. 

The acceptance rates for AAMAS 2024 reflect the conference's high standards and selectivity. Out of 883 completed submissions, only 229 were accepted as full papers, resulting in a rigorous acceptance rate of 25%.  

The researchers behind the paper would like to extend their gratitude to the sponsors who have supported their work. Jiang, Dr Rago, and Prof Toni were partially funded by J.P. Morgan and the Royal Academy of Engineering under the Research Chairs and Senior Research Fellowships scheme. Dr Rago and Prof Toni also received partial funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement No. 101020934). Dr Leofante received financial support from Imperial through an Imperial College Research Fellowship grant. 

The Department of Computing at Imperial continues to lead the way in cutting-edge research, with a commitment to excellence and innovation that drives progress in the field of computer science. 



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Mr Ahmed Idle
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