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Dyson School of Design Engineering

The Dyson School of Design Engineering is set to present 8 papers at the 2024 CHI conference, showcasing cutting-edge in human-computer interaction.

The Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial proudly announces its participation in the upcoming 2024 ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the foremost international gathering in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). This year's conference will be held in a hybrid format from May 11-16, combining in-person and remote attendance, with the event taking place in in Honolulu, at the Hawai'i Convention Center on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i, USA.

Among the highlights of the conference, the Design Engineering department will present a total of eight papers, including two receiving honourable mentions for their exceptional contributions. These papers, authored by esteemed faculty and researchers, cover a diverse range of topics at the intersection of design engineering and HCI.

The department will be represented by a mix of in-person and remote attendees. Professor Peter Childs, Malak Sadek, Haoyu Zuo, and Ignacio Vilanova Echavarri will be present at the conference venue, while Professor Andrew McPhersonDr Céline Mougenot and Nicole Robinson will participate remotely. This year marks the debut of many of Design Engineering staff members and students at CHI, underscoring the department's commitment to advancing research in the HCI community.

Research papers presented at the 2024 CHI conference

Nicole Robinson, Andrew McPherson, and Nick Bryan-Kinns: Thinking with Sound: Exploring the Experience of Listening to an Ultrasonic Art Installation (Honourable mention). PreprintProgramme link 

Attending (remote): Nicole Robinson, Andrew McPherson

Andrew McPherson, Landon Morrison: Entangling Entanglement: A Diffractive Dialogue on HCI and Musical Interactions (Honourable mention). Preprint | Programme link 

Attending (remote): Andrew McPherson, Landon Morrison

Malak Sadek, Marios Constantinides, Daniele Quercia, and Céline Mougenot: Guidelines for Integrating Value Sensitive Design in Responsible AI Toolkits. PreprintProgramme link

Attending (in person): Malak Sadek

Liuqing Chen, Zhaojun Jiang, Duowei Xia, Zebin Cai, Lingyun Sun, Peter Childs, and Haoyu Zuo: BIDTrainer: An LLMs-driven Education Tool for Enhancing the Understanding and Reasoning in Bio-inspired Design. Preprint Programme link

Attending (in person): Peter Childs, Haoyu Zuo

Dominic Kao, Nick Ballou, Kathrin Gerling, Heiko Breitsohl, and Sebastian Deterding: How does Juicy Game Feedback Motivate? Testing Curiosity, Competence, and Effectance. Preprint Programme link

Jingjing Sun, Jingyi Yang, Guyue Zhou, Yucheng Jin, Jiangtao Gong: Understanding Human-AI Collaboration in Music Therapy Through Co-Design with Therapists. Preprint | Programme link

 Matyáš Bohá?ek and Ignacio Vilanova Echavarri: Compliance Rating Scheme: Introducing Data Provenance for Dataset Use in Generative in AI applications (GenAI CHI2024 workshop). Programme link

Attending (in person): Ignacio Vilanova Echavarri

Matyáš Bohá?ek and Ignacio Vilanova Echavarri: Introduction to a Generative AI Dataset Compliance Toolkit. (Generative AI un User-Generated Content Workshop). Programme link

Attending (in person): Ignacio Vilanova Echavarri

The Dyson School of Design Engineering extends a warm invitation to all attendees of the 2024 CHI conference to engage with our researchers, academics and students and explore the innovative work showcased at the event. So, if you are attending and interested in our work, please do say hello and welcome us to the community! 


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