Department of Chemistry Launches New Postgraduate Course



Nanomedicine and Nanodiagnostics (MRes) is launched to offer students insight into the latest cutting-edge developments in healthcare.

Imperial is excited to introduce the new MRes (Master of Research) course in Nanomedicine and Nanodiagnostics, offering students the opportunity to delve into the unique properties of nanoscale materials for the treatment, detection, visualisation and prevention of diseases. Students will explore how nanoparticle assemblies can revolutionise drug delivery and disease imaging.

Course modules include biomedical nanoscience and molecular imaging, providing students with the skills and knowledge to evaluate next-generation nanomedicines and imaging agents. In addition, students will complete a nine-month research project, allowing them to develop technical research, communication and presentation skills.

The course offers access to cutting-edge laboratories at the White City Campus, providing students with the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research.

Learn more about the MRes Nanomedicine and Nanodiagnostics course and explore the application process in our online prospectus. For any further information, please contact


Saida Mahamed

Saida Mahamed
Department of Chemistry


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