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AB - A problem which has recently attracted research attention is that ofestimating the distribution of flow sizes in internet traffic. On high trafficlinks it is sometimes impossible to record every packet. Researchers haveapproached the problem of estimating flow lengths from sampled packet data intwo separate ways. Firstly, different sampling methodologies can be tried tomore accurately measure the desired system parameters. One such method is thesample-and-hold method where, if a packet is sampled, all subsequent packets inthat flow are sampled. Secondly, statistical methods can be used to ``invert''the sampled data and produce an estimate of flow lengths from a sample. In this paper we propose, implement and test two variants on thesample-and-hold method. In addition we show how the sample-and-hold method canbe inverted to get an estimation of the genuine distribution of flow sizes.Experiments are carried out on real network traces to compare standard packetsampling with three variants of sample-and-hold. The methods are compared fortheir ability to reconstruct the genuine distribution of flow sizes in thetraffic.
AU - Clegg,RG
AU - Haddadi,H
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AU - Rio,M
TI - Towards Informative Statistical Flow Inversion
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