DataLearning working group


DataLearning is an interdisciplinary working group of researchers and students developing new technologies based on Data Assimilation and Machine Learning. DataLearning came out of the idea to couple and integrate Data Assimilation with Machine Learning technologies in order to exploit the best features of both.

The group fosters effective communication between scientists coming from different scientific disciplines and departments at Imperial College London and other institutions. DataLearning focuses on discussion and activity about Data Assimilation with/and/or Machine Learning. It is important for each scientist to learn about achievements of colleagues to tackle complex scientific problems.

In addition to regular meetings, we organise scientific seminars and workshops, where both experienced scientists and early stage researchers with different backgrounds will share their ideas and coordinate their efforts on relvant subjects. The exchange scheme welcomes students at all levels. Arrangements will be made for joint supervision of MSc and PhD students by the collaborating supervisors.

Group Meetings

For information on future meetings visit:



Dr Rossella Arcucci (DSI, ICL) 


Researchers involved

Dr Anna K Schroeder (University of Cambridge, UK)

Dr Boumediene Hamzi (Maths, ICL)

Dr César A Quilodran Casas (DSI, ICL)

Dr Claire Heaney (Earth Science & Engineering, ICL)

Dr Evelyn Heylen (EEE, ICL)

Dr Fangxin Fang (Earth Science & Engineering, ICL)

Dr James A Scott-Brown (DSI, ICL)

Jemimah-Sandra Samuel (Earth Science & Engineering, ICL)

Dr Julio Amador Díaz López (DSI, ICL)

Dr Julio Perez Olvera (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, ICL)

Dr Kezhi Li (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, ICL)

Dr Luke M Phillipson (Physics, ICL)

Dr Miguel Molina Solana (University of Granada, Spain)

Miguel Xochicale (King's College London, UK)

Dr Ovidiu Serban (DSI, ICL)

Dr Pablo Salinas (Earth Science & Engineering, ICL)

Dr Sesh Kumar (DSI, ICL)

Dr Silvia Muceli (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

Dr Yuan Luo (Computing, ICL)

Zhiqiang Que (Computing, ICL)

PhD Researchers

Alex Harston (Bioengineering, ICL)

Alvaro Arroyo Nunez (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, ICL)

Benjamin J Scharpf (Computing, ICL)

Calum Pennington (Life Science, ICL)

Caterina Buizza (EEE, ICL) 

Clémence Le Cornec (Civil and Environmental Engineering , ICL)

Jingqing Zhang (DSI, ICL)

Jemimah-Sandra Samuel (Earth Science & Engineering, ICL)

Lluis Via-Estrem (Earth Science & Engineering, ICL)

Luis Baca Ruiz (DECSAI, University of Granada, Spain)

Mihai Suteu (DSI, ICL)

Pablo Ortega San Miguel (Computing, ICL)

Pan Wang (DSI, ICL)

Philip Nadler (DSI, ICL)

Robin Evers (Math, ICL)

Stefano Marrone (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Zainab Titus (Earth Science & Engineering, ICL)

Postgraduate Students

Adrian Lowenstein (Computing, ICL)

Edward M Lim (Computing, ICL)

Gabor Tajnafoi (Computing, ICL)

JD Pizzutti (LSE, UK)

Julian Mack (Computing, ICL)

Lamya Moutiq (Centrale Marseille, France)

Lingjun Liu (Computing, ICL)

Maddalena Amendola (University of Pisa, Italy)

Tolga Dur (Computing, ICL)

Xiaonan Chong (Computing, ICL)


The 2nd MLDADS workshop is part of the International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)
held in Amsterdam, Netherlands 3-5 June 2020. For further information.

The 1st MLDADS workshop was part of the International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)
held in Faro, Portugal 12-14 June 2019. For further information