Students with lecturerWithin the department you will find all our staff are committed to ensuring a world class education for all our students. 

Many staff are also recognised Fellows of the Higher Education Academy. We regularly review and update our courses in light of advances in subject based research and new technologies. We blend traditional and contemporary teaching methods appropriate to learning outcomes to create graduates with diverse skills and knowledge.

The department has a number of Teaching Fellows which have a focus on education from delivery to strategic planning. Our teaching fellows have reach across the whole curriculum including the Geology courses and field teaching, our MSc courses and our Geophysics Curriculum.

With the recruitment of teaching fellows and an ethos of teaching excellence pervading through all our staff we have seen the student experience go from strength to strength"

Lorraine Craig

Academic tutor

A number of members of the department also undertake their own pedagogic study and develop new methodologies. In particular, but not exclusively, we evaluate and promote the place of modern field based teaching in the modern Geoscience curriculum, develop new ways of teaching aspects of lab based geochemistry and develop and promote the teaching of computer programming to geoscientists.

Pedagogic research

Teaching Awards


On 7th September 2016, at the Annual Conference of the Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc), Senior Teaching Fellow Philippa Mason (pictured) received the Society's highest award, the RSPSoc Award, for sustained and distinguished contributions to the science and application of remote sensing through education. She received a gold medal and honorary life membership of the Society.

Alongside external recognition, our staff are regularly recognised internally by both the Student Union's Student Academic Choice Awards (SACA) and the Presidents Awards:

2017 SACA shortlist (results announced in May 2017):

Dr Rebecca Bell and Dr Ian Bastow - Best Feedback

Dr Emma Passmore - Best Innovation

Dr Peter Fitch - Best Postgraduate Teaching

                                                                                                               2014 SACA winner

                                                                                                               Professor Mark Sephton - Best Supervision

                                                                                                               2013 SACA winner

                                                                                                               Dr Rebecca BellBest Feedback. For full details of all of our staff awards please see our awards page.

Teaching and Pedagogic research group

Please contact one of the Teaching Fellows if you would like to know more about any of our publications or our provision for education in the department.

NameEducation areaEmail
Day, Dr. E  Teaching Fellow – Geophysics
Fitch, Dr P  Senior Teaching Fellow for the postgraduate MSc Course
Halsall, Dr. C  Senior Teaching Fellow – Metals and Energy Finance MSc course
Mason, Dr. P  Senior Teaching Fellow – Remote Sensing
Passmore, Dr. E  Senior Teaching Fellow – Geology
Streule, Dr. M  Senior Teaching Fellow – Geology and the field based curriculum
Craig, Dr. L Academic Tutor
Summary of the table's contents

External Teaching Publications


Conference presentations
  • Streule M.J. & Craig L.E. (2017) Student measures of teaching excellence and teacher esteem in a research intensive university: the students’ value economy in a TEF world. Geological Society of London Higher Education Network Annual Meeting, London
  • Passmore, E. (2017) Lost in the fog: the importance of liminality and authenticity in learning tasks. Geological Society of London Higher Education Network Annual Meeting, London
  • Day E.A., G.S. Collins & L.E. Craig (2017) Improving scientific writing in undergraduate geosciences degrees through peer review. Geological Society of London Higher Education Network Annual Meeting, London
  • Day E.A., G.S. Collins & L.E. Craig (2016) Improving Scientific Writing in Undergraduate Geosciences Degrees through Peer Review. 2016 AGU Fall Meeting
  • Craig L.E., Gorman G.J. &Jacobs C.T. (2016) More technology is not always the answer – the power of sticky notes. Geological Society of London Higher Education Network Annual Meeting, Liverpool
  • Day, E.A., M. K. D'Arcy, L.E. Craig, M.J. Streule, E. Passmore & J.C.E. Irving (2015) Does Question Structure Affect Exam Performance in the Geosciences? 2015 AGU Fall Meeting
  • Passmore E., Mason P. and Craig L.E. (2015) Student perceptions of feedback during fieldwork: a case study from first year undergraduate teaching. 2015 Geological Society of London Higher Education Network Annual Meeting, Plymouth
  • Streule M.J., Freeman K. & Craig L.E. (2015) The value of a mentoring program in Higher Education. 2015 Geological Society of London Higher Education Network Annual Meeting, Plymouth

HEA Fellowship

All staff in the department are encouraged to consider applying for fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. The process is free and organised and supported through the College Educational Development unit. Full details are available here 

Within the department a number of staff are already accredited fellows of the Higher Education Academy and are listed below.

Senior Fellows of the Higher Education Academy
Fellows of the Higher Education Academy

Extracts from successful applications are linked here, to demonstrate the style of writing.