Flawless AI joins I-X Business Partners in Inaugural Cohort


Flawless AI Technology

The I-X partnership strengthens ties between industry and academia to collaborate in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

Pioneering tech start up, Flawless AI, joins Imperial’s new home for interdisciplinary research in artificial intelligence, I-X, as part of the first cohort of its new Business Partner scheme. This new partnership will accelerate research and deepen knowledge exchange, with the hope of revolutionising the way generative AI is utilised in the entertainment and creative sectors.

Flawless AI

Founded in 2020 by Scott Mann and Nick Lynes, Flawless AI utilises artificial intelligence to create perfectly lip-synced visualisations in multiple languages. This technology reconstructs the facial movements of actors, studying millions of small variations in the way the head, neck and mouth moves, building up knowledge from each frame.

"This new partnership with Flawless AI is hugely exciting. We are delighted to be working with a company at the forefront of bringing AI-powered tools to film-making" Professor Eric Yeatman Chair of the Board for I-X

The software captures all the nuances and emotions of the original material and provides an attractive alternative to subtitles and out-of-sync dubs. The industry pioneers have contributed key research in the areas of neural rendering, human face digitisation, video segmentation, and applied machine learning, opening up new possibilities for global cinema.

The TrueSync technology is a world-first system and has earned Flawless AI many accolades, including being awarded the TIME “Best Inventions of 2021” award. By combining Flawless AI’s innovative technology with the academic expertise of I-X, the collaboration aims to achieve major advances in the field of generative AI research.

Scott Mann, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Flawless AI said: "We are thrilled to join Imperial College London's I-X Business Partners as their first official member. This partnership will undoubtedly fuel our mission to advance the field of generative AI and create groundbreaking solutions that have a transformative impact on filmmaking and other creative industries. We look forward to collaborating with Imperial’s esteemed faculty and fellow I-X Business Partners to drive innovation and shape the future of artificial intelligence."

Flawless AI Technology

Professor Eric Yeatman, Chair of the Board for I-X said: “This new partnership with Flawless AI is hugely exciting. We are delighted to be working with a company at the forefront of bringing AI-powered tools to film-making, and I am greatly looking forward to seeing how our new partnership with Flawless AI bears fruit.”

I-X Business Partners

Corporate membership of I-X, which is delivered through the Imperial Business Partners programme, provides a new environment for industry and academia to collaborate in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The partnership works to drive innovation as members become fully immersed in the I-X ecosystem through ambitious research projects, workshops and events. The scheme offers a tailored, bespoke service to each of its members and the potential for targeted collaborative opportunities and involvement across each of the I-X application areas.


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