Imperial Business Partners (IBP) connects industry to Imperial's four faculties and entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Within the IBP programme, specialised tracks are created to focus on specific challenges.

The Imperial X (I-X) track

The I-X Business Partners track focuses on AI and ML in partnership with I-X a new multidisciplinary initiative of the College

I-X Business Partners can be your gateway to the I-X Community 
  • Meaningful partnership – co-location and collaborative thinking Work at the heart of the I-X ecosystem, with hotdesking and access to internal events. Achieve recognition for your scientists and engineers with up to three unique I-X Fellows positions. Engage with masters students through projects with academic supervision. Network across I-X - partners, academics, collaborators. 
  •  High value, accelerated exploration 
    Engage with purpose to quickly identify opportunities for deeper involvement. Derisk and develop ambition research projects and innovative ideas through early, focused engagement. Hear regularly about I-X research, technology insights and more. Join workshops and spend time with world-leading academics, researchers and new talent. 
  • Bespoke service 
    Benefit from a proactive, single point of contact to support access to College services, faculties, expertise and the wider ecosystem. Receive recognition as an I-X partner within Imperial and beyond. Explore your future with us.

Member benefits

This track delivers the following benefits, in addition to the IBP member benefits:

  • colocation at the heart of the I-x research and innovation Hub (up to 3 I-X industry fellow position)
  • active participation into I-X innovation ecosystem(workshop, specialised industry days)
  • specialised updates on AI & ML
  • targeted idenfitication of student project and internship opportunities in specialised domains
  • focussed scoping of research collaboration opportunities