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Multidisciplinarity is important for tackling big societal challenges and is an integral part of Imperial’s strategy. Following the development of a framework to support the growth of cross-faculty communities by the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), multi-faculty initiatives that support multidisciplinary research can apply for formal College endorsement to receive institutional recognition and status of excellence.  

Cross-faculty initiatives that already exist are encouraged to work within the expectations of the framework, including its nomenclature, though this is not necessarily required if a compelling case can be made for keeping existing branding. Please see here for a list of current Networks and Centres of Excellence.

The 6th call for multi-faculty networks and centres is now closed.  The next call will likely open in October 2022

Please download below the application forms, membership list, framework and guidance documentation for this call:

2021 Multi Faculty Networks and Centres Guidance for Applicants.docx

2021 Multi-Faculty Centres Application form.docx

2021 Multi-Faculty Networks Application form.docx

2021 Membership list for Multi Faculty Networks and Centres.xlsx

2021 Multi-Faculty Networks and Centres Framework.docx

Applications should be submitted by the Head of Department or their delegate. Applicants are encouraged to contact Mark Bambury in the first instance.