IMSE Masters Scholarship Interview with Chris Pang


Chris Pang, recipient of the 2023 Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering Masters Scholarship.

We speak to Chris Pang, recipient of the 2023 Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering Masters Scholarship.

Chris Pang, who is part of the 2023-2024 Masters in Molecular Engineering cohort, has been awarded a prestigious scholarship for the course. This scholarship is offered by the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering and provides financial aid to help academically excellent students continue with their studies, and supports equality, diversity, and inclusion. In this interview, Chris shares his fascinating journey from aspiring dentist to the world of biotech and how the scholarship has influenced his academic pursuits. 

What was your background before you came to Imperial?

I went to school in the US in Hamilton, NY, at a liberal arts school. I was part of the pre-health curriculum and was on track to become a dentist. But then when COVID hit, I thought that there are better ways to create value for society. And one of those ways is to potentially fight COVID. So, I paused my studies for dentistry and started working in biotech and I found that fascinating. During that time, working in biotech, I learnt a lot about myself and what I wanted to do with my career. 

What made you want to study at Imperial?  

I really believe in the mission of creating interdisciplinary scientists. Chris Pang MRes Student

I was drawn to Imperial because of the prestige of the university, but more importantly, the course was very distinct and super unique. I was really drawn to it because I really believe in the mission of creating interdisciplinary scientists. I think that's one of the reasons why I applied because I can really resonate with that. 

What your current research interests? 

I spent couple of years in industry trying to figure out what I want to pursue

Chris Pang
Chris Pang (MRes Student) hosting a biotechnology convention in Hong Kong

for a PhD. Recently I met a few scientists through hosting a biotechnology convention in Hong Kong and I got to know more about the field of longevity. We are very close to making it possible for us to live past 100 years old, it might be possible, within our lifetime, to create therapeutics and drugs that will enable us to extend the healthy human lifespan . Finding out more about this field really got my interest and passion reignited for research. 

What have you enjoyed about the course so far? 

I enjoy the small class size and how everyone is talented and collaborative. It's really cool how each student has their own unique strengths and skills that they bring to the table. When we're learning about different topics, different students with different skills can help each other out. So there, there are multiple learning opportunities to not only learn from the professor, but also from your peers. 

 What are you looking forward to most in the course? 

I am looking forward to learning more in the upcoming modules. Because the course content is so diverse it's sometimes something that I don't know, or I don't have much background in. I like how I can make connections to real life problems and find applications for the new skills I am learning.  

How do you feel that the scholarship will or has helped you with your studies? 

I think it really validates my accomplishments and what I've done so far. Chris Pang MRes Student

The scholarship has provided me level of comfort. It has allowed me to focus on school and not too much about working part time. The second part is, I think it really validates my accomplishments and what I've done so far. It also gives me inspiration to go further and to keep pushing. I’m really humbled that I got it. The scholarship has made me think I can do something great in the world. 

Chris Pang's journey from biotech enthusiast and now a scholarship recipient for the MRes in Molecular Engineering exemplifies the importance of recognising and nurturing young talent, as he embarks on his journey to make a meaningful contribution to the field of science. 

Find out more about the Dr George Theo Wilson scholarship and the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering Scholarship. You can also apply for the Masters in Molecular Engineering for October 2024 entry. 

The Molecular Engineering MRes programme is intrinsically cross-disciplinary, providing students with the skills to work in research across the science/engineering boundary, in academia or industry. The taught component starts with an introduction to molecular science and engineering (designing at the molecular level to create better materials, systems, and processes). Students then learn about the design, modelling, synthesis, characterisation and manufacturing of molecules and materials, including aspects of machine learning, process modelling, and business. The taught modules are followed by a 6-month long research project in collaboration with industry, including an industrial research placement. Students on the course come from a wide range of backgrounds: chemists and chemical engineers, materials scientists, physicists, bioengineers – even some with first degrees in mechanical or electrical engineering. This Masters course is delivered by the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE) and hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering.


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