Podcast: Climate conference, COVID and pregnancy, and inspiring careers

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In this edition: The latest climate science ahead of COP28, how COVID impacts pregnancy, and founding a MedTech startup.

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News: COP coming – We look ahead to the upcoming COP28 climate conference, and discuss a few recent Imperial studies on the carbon budget, warming beyond net zero, and avoiding overreliance on carbon removal technologies.

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COVID and pregnancy – We speak to Dr Victoria Male, who says that while pregnancy carries higher risk of complications from COVID-19, vaccination is extremely effective and safe for the baby, passing on immunity in the womb.

Too Long; Don’t Listen – We hear from the TL;DL podcast, featuring inspiring stories to help people make career decisions. This excerpt features the founder of reproductive health startup Dama Health, Imperial alumna Paulina Cecula.

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The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on Imperial's MSc Science Communication course. He’s also a longstanding BBC presenter and reporter. Gareth is joined each month by our roving reporters in the Communications Division.


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Hayley Dunning
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Gareth Mitchell
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