Department of Chemistry Launches Ideation Space ‘DigiBox’


Staff member using DigiBox

Department of Chemistry launches ideation space, ‘DigiBox’ which features a first-of-its-kind 5-meter screen at the Molecular Sciences Research Hub.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London has partnered with audio-visual specialist DVSI to introduce ‘DigiBox’, an innovative and interactive co-learning space. This state-of-the-art facility, launched at the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) at White City campus on Monday 29th April, features a 5-meter fully interactive screen—currently the largest seamless touch screen in the UK.

MSRH Screen LaunchDigiBox represents a significant leap forward in educational technology. It is the first of its kind to be deployed in a dedicated education and research facility. Researchers, students and academics alike can now explore complex research and engage in collaborative learning like never before. With DigiBox, the Department aims to streamline communications, enhance team engagement and ignite creativity by providing an immersive platform for learning and discovery.

“We are constantly looking for new technologies to enhance our student experience and build on our teaching and research excellence. This is the jewel in the crown of international Chemistry research facilities, and we believe that DigiBox and its stunning 190-inch collaboration canvas are setting a new standard for next-generation learning.”  Professor Oscar Ces, Head of Department of Chemistry.

MSRH Screen LaunchDigiBox is more than just a screen—it's a bridge connecting teams across different campuses. By seamlessly integrating remote participants, DigiBox fosters hybrid collaboration, enabling teams to contribute to cutting-edge research and learning from anywhere.

“This new kind of learning environment puts teams together and enables them to intuitively co-create and seamlessly exchange ideas as a group. It is a testament to Imperial’s vision for science, that they have recognised the critical role that these new technologies can play in turbo-charging its research programs,” comments Richard Cobbold, CEO of DVSI.



Saida Mahamed

Saida Mahamed
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