New Wi-Fi coming to a campus near you


Cloud storage at Imperial's data centre.

Imperial is getting faster and more reliable Wi-Fi across all campuses and halls of residence.

The new Wi-Fi provides a better connection experience as it is designed to accommodate growing numbers of people connecting. It has gone through extensive testing and performs better in busier environments, like large lecture theatres and libraries.

Installation of the new Wi-Fi starts in June and is expected to take 18 months.


Anyone connecting to the new Wi-Fi will benefit from a faster, more reliable and more secure connection. The technology behind the Wi-Fi uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to analyse all devices that are connected and automatically adjusts settings to ensure each device is connected to the best access point. The AI can also detect issues and identify security threats in real time. If there is a loss of connection, it can apply fixes automatically and help people get back online faster while ensuring they are connected securely.

Manual fixes can be carried out faster with the new Wi-Fi. As it is managed via the cloud, it can be monitored remotely and doesn’t require engineers to be near any hardware to carry out repairs.

To prepare for the installation, engineers have completed extensive site surveys across all campuses, which have produced high-quality location data. This data will be fed into the AI behind the Wi-Fi technology to provide the most optimal connection experience for people depending on where they’re connecting.

Jenny Rae, Chief Information Officer, says: “A robust, secure and reliable Wi-Fi network is essential to supporting our innovative teaching, learning and research, which is why we have invested in this new infrastructure. The technology that underpins our new Wi-Fi uses data on everything from speed performance to where people are connecting from, to make smart decisions and ensure everyone connected has the best experience.

Once the new Wi-Fi is in place, we will have achieved a pivotal step in delivering the digital campus of the future.”

Visit the new Wi-Fi website to find out more and keep up to date with the timeline of works.


Ata Rahman

Ata Rahman
Information & Communication Technologies


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