Branded banner with Wi-Fi icon. Text: New Wi-Fi to enable the digital campus of the future

ICT will be installing brand new Wi-Fi across Imperial's campuses and halls of residence, starting in summer 2024.

The new Wi-Fi will be faster, more reliable and secure, and has improved functionality and capability in busy areas.

The installation will be carried out in a phased approach, taking approximately 18 months to complete.

Why are we getting new Wi-Fi?

The existing Wi-Fi at Imperial has been designed primarily for coverage, as opposed to capacity. With increasing volumes of traffic accessing Imperial's Wi-Fi, as well as more high-density applications in use while connected to the network, it is important for the network to be able to accommodate this.

A secure, fast and reliable Wi-Fi network is integral for Imperial to deliver the digital campus of the future.

Before the installation

When will I get new Wi-Fi where I study/work? 

Visit our project timeline webpage for details of upcoming work. The page will be routinely updated with the latest works.

How will I find out when works are happening in the building I study/work in?

We will notify managers of any impacted buildings 1 month before we start any work. We’ll support them to communicate the information to building users and other key stakeholders.

We’ll also keep our project timeline page updated, as well as include updates on the work schedule in our fortnightly newsletter, ICT Bytes. 

What are the benefits of the new Wi-Fi?

The new Wi-Fi will be faster, more secure and offers a more reliable connection experience. 

You can find out more on our benefits webpage.

I have an important meeting/event that requires I stay online on the dates you have work scheduled.

We’re working with stakeholders across the university to ensure minimum disruption to high-profile events, e.g. Open Days, graduation etc. 

If you have something taking place when we are carrying out works, please contact the Networks team via the ICT Service Desk and we’ll discuss this with you directly.

During installation

Will the Wi-Fi be down when you carry out the work?

We will be carrying out the work in zones (either a building at a time, or a section of a building at a time if the building is large).  

While the installation work is taking place, we expect there will be some, but relatively minimal, interruption to connectivity.

I have to work/study in the building the day you are carrying out work. How will it affect me?

The work the engineers will do is replace the existing wireless access points. This is expected to take approximately 15-20 minutes per access point.

In over 90% of locations, we will reuse existing brackets in the ceiling, eliminating the need for drilling or noisy work. 

What are you doing to address areas of poor connectivity?

Engineers completed extended surveys at all locations where the new Wi-Fi is being installed in early 2024.

As a result, a number of deadspots have been identified, which would benefit from the installation of a new wireless access point.

The new Wi-Fi uses asset and location tracking to provide optimal location-based services.

After we install

How will I connect to the new Wi-Fi?

The network name (Imperial-WPA) is not changing and the way you connect from any device should not be different.  

When you access the new network for the first time on your device, you may be prompted to enter your Imperial username and password.

How can I feedback about the new Wi-Fi?

We'll be sending an email to building managers once their building is complete with a survey for you to send feedback on how the installation process went. We'll use your responses to improve installations as we continue to rollout the Wi-Fi.

Once more areas at Imperial have the new Wi-Fi, there will be a range of ways for you to send feedback

As always, if you experience any issues connecting to the Wi-Fi, or have any questions about the new Wi-Fi, please contact the ICT Service Desk.