Company and financial information sources


Financial info on approx 11m public and private European companies.

Scientific repository of open access e-prints. Includes an economics and quantitative finance section.

Bloomberg contains current and historical financial information on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, and futures.

COMPUSTAT Global provides data on publicly traded companies in more than 80 countries. COMPUSTAT North America contains Standard and Poor's data on more that 24,000 public companies.

CRSP is the Center for Research in Security Prices, including security price, return and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq stock markets. It contains CRSP daily and monthly stocks, CRSP 1925 US indices, CRSP/COMPUSTAT merged, CRSP US treasury database and CRSP Ziman REIT database. All of these datasets are quarterly updated.

Current and histo rical global market and company financial data, including info on equities, unit and investment trusts, market indices, bonds, international macroeconomics, commodities, interest rates, exchange rates, futures and options.

EBSCOhost Business Source Ultimate

  • Academic journal articles: major source
  • Company Profiles: International Datamonitor Profiles from the world’s largest companies and Economist Intelligence Unit reports (EIU)
  • Country Reports: Including economic competitiveness reports, political risk yearbooks and emerging markets monitor
  • Market Research Reports: market research handbooks and Datamonitor Marketwatch reports
  • Industry Profiles: Country and geographic areas analyses, including market forecast data and reports frome EIU covering key industries
  • SWOT analyses from Gartner Inc, working papers, case studies and analyst and executive interviews

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Abstracts of economic academic literature, including country studies, econometrics, economic forecasting, labour economics and monetary theory.

Securities and Exchange Commission filings for U.S. private companies. Includes registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms.

ETF Global
Exchange-traded funds - pursue return, manage risk, utilize investment analysis and generate investment ideas on over 1900 U.S listed products.

Financial data on over 3 million UK and Irish companies, with 2.6m records in detail.

IBES History detail and Current detail provides estimates for more than 60,000 companies in 67 countries worldwide. Available via Thomson One.

Macrobond contains global and historical economic time series, financial instruments, securities and worldwide indicators. It includes data from National statistics offices, companies, central banks, and financial exchanges.

Moody’s Default and Recovery Database (DRD)
Moody’s Default & Recovery Database (DRD) provides comprehensive data on defaults, recovery from default, and rating changes (at both the security and issuer level) for over 417,000 individual debt securities. It includes both corporate and sovereign entities and default history starting from 1920.

Option Metrics (Ivy DB US)
Historical price and implied volatility data from US equity and index option markets.

RavenPack News Analytics via WRDS
RavenPack News Analytics provides real-time structured sentiment, relevance and novelty data for entities and events detected in the unstructured text published by reputable content sources. Includes the Dow Jones and PR editions, not the Web or Full edition. is an online portal dedicated to risk management, derivatives and complex financial products. Content includes full access to Risk journals plus industry news and analysis.

Contains Spanish and Portuguese company financial information. It includes banks and insurance entities, inactive entities and historical records.

A statistics portal that provides direct access to quantitative data on media, business, finance, politics; offers comprehensive industry reports on 1000 industry topics, market forecasts and infographics. Registered users have access to individualised functions including saving favourites, receiving alerts, creating own collections and exporting.

Thomson One
Company analysis containing company overviews, news, prices, financials, estimates, filings, research reports, deals and more. Includes:

  • IBES History detail and Current detail providing estimates for more than 60,000 companies in 67 count ies worldwide.
  • Investext broker and equity research reports.

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Thomson Reuters Deals Intelligence
Contains insight and data on market activity via a range of regular research reports and ad-hoc analyses, including; industry-leading quarterly Investment Banking Reviews, Weekly Deals Score cards , Monthly Deals Snapshots and ongoing Research Reports. Access is free but users are required to register.

Info on mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, joint ventures, private equity and venture capital deals, with five years of global coverage.